Napa Wine Project finds rare wine experience at Spiriterra Vineyards

Napa Wine Project's Dave Thompson thinks Spiriterra may be producing Napa Valley's most unique varietal. As the only producer of Muscadine wine he may be right.

It was fun for us to provide a wine veteran such as himself with a totally new vineyard experience.

"You know this is not a “normal” variety of grape planted in Napa Valley as soon as you see the fruit on the vines. These are the size of table grapes and often much larger. Muscadine has a surprising diversity of flavor depending on the ripeness of each individual grape. At times they taste like a plum, some have flavor characteristics of a concord grape and others that are extremely ripe almost have a jammy quality. The skins are very thick, chewy and contain plenty of flavor and are rich in poly-phenols and other nutrients. In any case, these are extremely flavorful grapes and are highly addictive." -- Dave Thompson

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