Spiriterra Vineyards Offers Premiere Napa Valley’s First Muscadine Wine

Premiere Napa Valley recently released its 2015 wine auction offerings and trade members were likely surprised to see a Napa Valley Muscadine wine on the list.

“We are excited to pour a completely new sweet, white wine at this already innovative, one-of-a-kind wine trade industry event,” said Spiriterra proprietor Paul Dean.

Now in its 19th year, Premiere Napa Valley attracts top trade from around the globe to participate in an auction of ultra-boutique wines crafted exclusively in the Napa Valley for this event. Wines are auctioned for as few as 60 bottles and never more than 240. We are donating a specially-crafted, 2013 Muscadine barrel (20 cases) from our Leverette estate vineyard.

“19 is a good luck number in our family, so we thought this would be a good year to showcase our wine,” explained Spiriterra proprietor Shirley Dean. “We even got Lot 19!”

Traditionally Cabernet Sauvignon grape growers, in 2009 we planted a small experimental Muscadine vineyard to bring a bit of our family's southern upbringing closer to home and to present something completely different to California. Muscadine is native to the southeastern United States with a respected winemaking history dating back to the 1500s and is now thriving here in Napa Valley.

In 2012 we celebrated our inaugural Muscadine harvest, just in time for the launch of our Spiriterra label. The vines continued to mature in 2013 and yielded three barrels of wine. As a uniquely pest-resistant varietal, no pesticides are applied to the hillside vineyard, supporting our sustainable vineyard management goals.

Producing Muscadine wine, however, is a labor of love. Unlike typical European wine grapes that are picked in clusters, each Muscadine grape must be hand-picked for ripeness. The end result? An extraordinarily aromatic, sweet white wine.

“The distinctive, honey poached tropical fruit with candied almond fragrance is true to the grape, and a welcomed surprise for wine lovers looking for a fun, new aperitif or dessert wine tasting experience,” says Spiriterra winemaker Kenn Vigoda. “The silky fruit flavors follow with a long, pleasant and delicate finish.”

“We look forward to sharing our wine at Premiere Napa Valley,” said Paul. “We hope the wine evokes the slow-paced spirit and warmth of the South close to my heart while representing the high quality of craftsmanship that is Napa Valley winemaking.”

The auction, to take place February 21st, is already sold out and expected to draw over 700 trade, sommeliers, and top media. For more information on the auction, please visit Premiere Napa Valley. Additional information on our 2013 Muscadine barrel offering can be found here.